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We tie together several independent venue and service providers that share similar convictions concerning diving-, action-, nature- and  eco-tourism and who provide world-class service.

As an associated group of independent providers we can offer you the scope of services of a large operator but the personal service and flexibility that is best provided by owner-operated enterprises.
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Enjoy your time in the water, along the seashore, on the river or in the jungle.
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Information & Guiding Materials

A venue without guiding material is like a computer without software.

We strive to provide the best available overview of dive, action and ecotourism venues in Sabah.

Our online Tabin Wildlife Guide and Guide to Diving in Sabah are our first guiding products. These guides will soon be available in hard-copy and electronic forms.

If you book with us you get the guides for free.

We also have guides in preparation for other topics in the realm of Dive Sabah.

Facilitation Services

We are "Dive Sabah" because we specialise in visits that capitalise on Borneo's unique blend of first-class reef, river, mountain and jungle venues. We have several example itineraries and can custom-build one that suits your specific needs.

What are your travel preferences?

   A stay at one special venue? 
   A set itinerary involving two or more venues?
   A "go with the flow" tour of venues that lets you move around as you wish?
  First-class? Value-travel? On-the-cheap?
We can book you into any combination of Wildlife, Jungle, Sipadan or dozens of other Borneo venues.
Experience Tabin... Borneo's premier forest, birding & wildlife venue
Dive Sipadan... and other fascinating under water sites in Borneo

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