Borneo Wild - The Tabin Wildlife Guide
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There are three avenues of access to the guide:

1. Use the Table of Contents to navigate this online version

2. Navigate this online guide using the index at page bottom, which is included on most pages and is also on the site index indicated in the index-bar at the top of most pages.

3. Purchase e-book and print versions that are similar in content to the online guides but are presented in forms that can be conveniently installed on computer or carried in your backpack as you travel. The print version of the Guides is in A-5 format (half of A-4) and is bound with a ring spine that makes it convenient to use.

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People who book through us receive the printed guide and/or the e-book version as a complementary component of their visit packages. The books are also for sale in their entirety or individual sections can be purchased in PDF form.

This guide to Tabin Wildlife Reserve is intended as an information “bridge” that links Tabin visitors to several useful information sources that deal with related topics.

We make these sources available through our links and through the small library and book store at Tabin. The guide is a continuing work in progress that will only cease to require revision in the unlikely event that no further discoveries remain to be made in Tabin.


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