Endemic, Protected & Endangered Species
in Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Under the Sabah Wildlife Conservation Enactment, 1997 three levels of protection are specified. The lists included in this guide designated protection status using asterisks (***). The protection categories are:

* = Schedule 3 = hunting license required
** = Schedule 2 = limited collection & hunting under license
*** = Schedule 1 = totally protected

In Tabin more than 70 mammal species, representing 27 families, have been identified. Several more probably remain to be discovered. Of the species identified thus far 6 are totally protected. These are the Sumatran rhinoceros, the orangutan, the sun bear, the proboscis monkey, the clouded leopard and the wild buffalo (a.k.a. banteng or tembadau). Twenty nine of the mammals listed at Tabin are protected (limited collection with special licenses) and 8 can be hunted only with special licenses.

The bird life listed as occurring in Tabin includes 42 families representing at least 220 species. Of the species identified thus far 42 are protected (Schedule 2) and 8 can be hunted only with special licenses (Schedule 3). Species endemic to Borneo include the Bornean bristlehead, the large-billed blue flycatcher, the Asian paradise flycatcher, the dusky munia, the blue-headed pitta, the blue banded pitta, the black-throated wren-babbler and the Bornean wren-babbler. There are also records of several rarely-seen species such as the speckled piculet, the chestnut-capped thrush and thick-bellied flowerpecker.

Among insects the Rajah Brooks birdwing butterfly and the common birdwing butterfly are protected.

13 genera of plants are protected including pitcher plants, gingers, orchids and rhododendrons.

As serious botanists, gardeners, wildlife observers and birders discover and explore Tabin further species probably await discovery and these a likely to include species that are endemic, endangered or protected.