Birds of Tabin Wildlife Reserve
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Hornbills Hornbills Kingfishers Kingfishers Wagtails, Nuthatch & White-eyes Wagtails, Nuthatch & White-eyes Minavets & Shrikes Minavets & Shrikes
Raptors Raptors Partridges, Pheasants & Quails Partridges, Pheasants & Quails Sunbirds, Spider-hunters & Bee-eaters Sunbirds, Spider-hunters & Bee-eaters Bornean Bristlehead Bornean Bristlehead
Owls & Frogmouths Owls & Frogmouths Woodpeckers Woodpeckers Flycatchers Flycatchers Ioras,  Leafbirds & Bluebirds Ioras,  Leafbirds & Bluebirds
Swifts, Swiftlets & Swallows Orioles, Drongoes & Trogons Orioles, Drongoes & Trogons Warblers & Broadbills Warblers & Broadbills Bulbuls Bulbuls
Lorikeets, Parakeets & Parrots Lorikeets, Parakeets & Parrots Barbets Barbets Thrushes, Shamas, Forktails & Robins Thrushes, Shamas, Forktails & Robins Cuckoos, Malcohas & Coucals Cuckoos, Malcohas & Coucals
Doves & Pigeons Doves & Pigeons Flowerpeckers Flowerpeckers Babblers Babblers Myna, Jays, Magpies & Crows Myna, Jays, Magpies & Crows
Herons, Egrets & Other Water Birds Herons, Egrets & Other Water Birds Roller (Dollarbird) & Munias Roller (Dollarbird) & Munias Pittas Pittas Overview of Tabin avifauna Bibliography