Crypto-critters & Jungle Sounds
a reality check for the rainforest wildlife watcher

The forest habitats of Tabin Wildlife Reserve are an endless delight for anyone willing to approach them with respect. You can experience some of the jungle atmosphere from the comfort of the resort, from the inside of a tour vehicle or during leisurely sunny-weather walks but the real essence of the place manifests itself only to those willing to enjoy a brisk trek in the rain. In the mild climate of Tabin this need not be a hardship provided that appropriate clothing, equipment and supplies are brought along.

During their first contact with the jungle neophyte visitors are faced with a bewildering riot of vegetation and a cacophony of sounds. One knows that the place is teeming with animal life but where is it? What is making all those sounds? This is the rainforest. It is not like watching the “big five” from a Volkswagen Kombi on the African savannah.

The fact is, though, that the animals are there. They are crypto-critters. Most of them share the planet with us because they have the ability to remain unseen by those who would make a meal out of them; yet heard by those with whom they wish to mingle.

Tabin is blessed with biodiversity that makes the African savannah seem mild by comparison. A vast array of plants and animals is out there but in order to see them we must re-awaken our hunting-gathering hearts; we must hone our skills of observation; we must learn from experienced jungle observers; and we must make cautious, intelligent trial-and-error forays into actual habitats.

To learn and develop jungle skills is well worth the effort. It gets you in touch with your true essence as a human being; as a person descended from ancestors who survived on such skills for most of our history as a species. Tabin is one of the few places left on our planet where we can truly seek and find this essence.

Every observant visitor who ventures into Tabin habitats is a true explorer. The biodiversity is so great and the amount of scientific or observational activity has been so slight in Tabin that much remains to be discovered. Many species remain to be added to the “seen in Tabin” lists presented in this guide. Perhaps there are species as yet unknown to science that are also awaiting discovery.

So lets get into that jungle, lets learn and lets enjoy Tabin habitats on their own terms.