Some Sabah History

Sabah has a colourful and interesting history that extends through several centuries and includes a long period when it laid in the path of one of the world's busiest trade routes between China and Southeast Asia. We are developing a series of brief historical accounts of history relevant to Sabah's dive, action, wildlife and tourism venues. The first three are outlined below. Click for  full accounts.
Pulau Balambangan... almost a major city - casualty of "office politics" 
The island of Balambangan, just to the west of Pulau Banggi, was the site of an interesting historical footnote. It was once developed as a major permanent settlement of the English East India Company and could have become a major city that such as Singapore and Hong Kong later came to be.
Sabah's Sea People... their boats & their ships
When the first European traders came to Southeast Asia more than five hundred years ago they discovered that the trading vessels, war ships and pirate ship of the region were of a class at least as good as their own. The struggle for sea power in this regions lasted well into the nineteenth century. 
Sulug Island History
Sulug is a special island with a colourful history that is reflected through the plant life that abounds there Place of women’s dreams… … source of medicinal herbs… island of shrines.

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