Footpaths, Trekking Circuits & Drivable Tracks
 in Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Several footpaths and trails are in current use at Tabin and many more are planned. The participation of visitors is welcome for those who wish to pitch in and assist with trail development and maintenance.

For safe use trails are built with a minimum of 2 m width that is clear of vegetation. Gravel is added at wet or very muddy patches and board walks are laid across areas frequently under standing water. Solid or hanging bridges are being constructed over wide flowing streams and handrails with footholds or steps are being installed on steep slopes.

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All trails are being equipped with elephant-proof directional and informational signs (elephants don’t like signs – they tend to remove reachable signs or milestones as fast as one can install them).

Tabin foot paths and trekking circuits currently have the following status (see Map above):

  1. Resort to Lipad mud volcano (direct route) – useable and under improvement.
  2. Main Tomanggong road to Lipad Mud Volcano (short route) – useable.
  3. Lipad volcano to Ragged Hill - requires restoration and upgrading.
  4. Guided Nature Trail near HQ - trail + explanatory signs.
  5. Raleigh Trail – useable for driving to km. 6.5 and trekking to km. 23; all scheduled for restoration for use as a drivable track.
  6. Ragged Hill ridge trail – planned.
A network of unsurfaced tracks is being constructed and maintained for use by a 4x4 vehicles and mountain bikes. At present the only drivable tracks are the main Tomanggong road along the western boundary of Tabin Reserve, the first six km. of the Raleigh Trail and a few km. of road in the immediate vicinity of the Tabin Wildlife Resort. Plans are in place to replace bridges and put the Raleigh trail in drivable condition until km. 23 at the entrance of the Core Area.