Sulug Island
a laid-back island minutes from KK City

Sulug Island has some of the best dives in TARP. Dive in the daytime and stay with  us for night dives, when sea creatures are most active.

See below for brief descriptions of the most popular dives around Sulug Island. 

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The Gallery
Depth: Between 2-10 metres
Rating: For experienced divers due to currents

If a picture says a thousand words then “The Gallery” is a book that one might never finish. It has a considerable diversity of both fish and coral life. You are virtually guaranteed to see lobsters, stingrays and giant clams. More than 30 species of soft and hard coral occur here and it is interesting to observe the relationships of the fish and crustacea with the corals.

Its depth and diversity make The Gallery an excellent site for underwater photography but it is wise to check out the tide tables and try to dive here when currents are likely to be the least strong.

Keramat Reef
Depth: Between 6-25 metres
Rating: OK for any certified diver

With its abundance of coral and ready access this area offers an easy and very beautiful dive. There are sometimes so many fish to see that you won’t know where to look for fear of missing something. The solution is to dive here several times. This is one of the most popular dive sites in TARP.

Keramat reef is a site where sightings of turtles and barracuda schools are frequent. There is octopus here but these can be hard to find due to their secretive nature and ability to blend with their surroundings. Lionfish are also in the area. Many of the most interesting creatures here, as in many areas, are probably best seen during night dives.

On occasion there are currents at Keramat Reef but these are not strong. Visibility normally ranges 10-20 metres; sometimes better.

The Tires
Depth: Between 6-12 metres
Rating: Any certified diver

Usually this is one of the first shore dives that anyone takes at Sulug Island. This is the site of a reef-building project from several years back and comprises ten sets of tires. These provide refuge for a wide variety of marine animals including stonefish, octopus, electric eels, moray eels, groupers, bandit shrimp, giant clams and lionfish. On occasion there are noticeable current at The Tires but as at Keramat Reef these are weak. Visibility is normally 6-12 metres. In future we plan to set up a fish feeding station here as part of a research project being done in conjunction with a local university.

Sulug Back
Bajau Point
Lobster Lairs
… in prep.