Enjoy scenic Sabah above & below the sea...

Our experienced PADITM Professionals have been diving in Sabah for many years and have a fine knowledge of the marine life. They can show you the best dive sites in TARP, Sipadan and  other Sabah dive venues.


At Scuba venues such as Sipadan you can see more marine life snorkeling for a couple of hours than many divers see in a lifetime.
Imagine what you can see with SCUBA ! 

Borneo is located where the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. This means that the region has a diversity of marine life that is unexcelled anywhere else in the world.

"Big ticket" animals such as sea turtles, sharks, rays and barracuda schools are guaranteed - but so is a tremendous variety of colourful reef fish, and invertebrates and seaplants including several rare species.

During the cooler months from November to February, plankton blooms attract krill, which in turn attract whale sharks, the world largest fish. At times the density of the krill can be so thick it makes this enormous and harmless creature suddenly appear out of the gloom, if you are lucky…

Our dive packages
Packages include gear rental, lunch and round trip land/sea transport from your hotel - discount if you provide your own gear - group discounts

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