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The Guide to Diving in Sabah

The Guide to Diving in Sabah is intended as an information “bridge” that links visitors to several useful information sources that deal with related topics. We make these sources available through our links.

The guide is a continuing work in progress that will only cease to require revision in the unlikely event that no further discoveries remain to be made in the underwater world of Borneo.

The print version of this guide is being produced in small runs and each has a serial version number. The electronic version will soon be available in PDF format and includes more graphics than can be economically included in a print version.

Information is presented in 3 layers:
The Destination Factsheet that presents a regional overview and serves as index page for a region where the destination is located.
Individual Divesite Factsheets that give detailed information about individual dives marked on the destination maps.
Historical background and image galleries for specific destinations and divesites.