The Pulau Banggi Region
map & gallery for a new dive frontier

The Banggi region has several wrecks and reefs that are not yet heavily dived.

You can do some exploring here.


Banggi Channel Map
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Believe it or not - Pulau Balambangan almost became a major world city like Singapore or Hong Kong - read all about it by >>clicking here<< 

The diverse population of corals support hundreds of species of colourful coral dwelling fish and invertebrates and are intermingled with several species of molluscs including giant clams. Octopus can also be found here. Sponges and crinoids are found intermingled with corals or near coral patches and so are several species of marine algae (seaweeds). In or near the habitats created by these one finds a wide variety of interesting creatures including photographers’ favourites such as nudibranchs, lionfish, shrimp, lobsters, anemones, anemone fish, sea horses and a host of others.

Diving activity is year round in the Banggi Region and sea surface temperatures are generally in the range of 25-30°C. Average visibility is in the range of 10-15 metres. Sea temperatures are at their lowest between November and February.

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