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You can navigate SeaPlant Handbook pages by using the two index tables below. The first classifies information by discipline or product and the second gets you to information through genus fact sheets.
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Kappaphycus Biology & Agronomy
seaveg composition
 production by genus |
greens by country | greens production | reds by country  | reds production | browns by country | browns production | farm development
post-harvest | semi-refining (in prep)

NOTE: Yellow highlight = in preparation
Products, Uses, Applications
AnimalFeed(FA)  HumanFood(FH)  FoodIngredients(FI)  Fertilisers(FF) IndustrialApps(IA)  Medicines(MD)  FoodProcessAids(FA)  PersonalCare(PC)  Wellbeing(WB)

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Acetabularia | Capsosiphon | Caulerpa | Codium | Dictyosphaeria | Enteromorpha | Monostroma | Ulva

Acanthophora | Ahnfeltia | Asparagopsis | Betaphycus | Caloglossa | Catenella | Chondrus | Eucheuma | Furcellaria | Gelidiella | Gelidium | Gigartina | Gloiopeltis | Gracilaria | Gracilariopsis | Grateloupia | Gymnogongrus | Halymenia | Hypnea | Iridaea | Kappaphycus | Laurencia | Lithothamnion | Mastocarpus | Mazzaella | Meristotheca | Nemalion | Palmaria | Phyllophora | Phymatolithon | Porphyra | Pterocladia | Scinaia | Solieria | Tichocarpus

Alaria | Ascophyllum | Cladosiphon | Cystoseira | Desmarestia | Durvillaea | Ecklonia | Egregia | Fucus | Hizikia | Hydroclathrus | Laminaria | Lessonia | Macrocystis | Nemacystus | Nereocystis | Pelvetia | Postelsia | Sargassum | Scytosiphon | Turbinaria | Undaria

Currently there are 214 countries or territories in the world that have seacoast (click to list). Of these  46 have reports of commercial seaplant activity and these are included so far in the DiveBorneo GIS. 
Use the index table below to gain access to information through country and water-body fact sheets. The Oceans Map is an image map that directs you water bodies and the countries that border them.
Seaplant communities and links specific to each seaplant community can be reached through the index tables below. The Communities Index page also has an index table that can be used.
The DiveBorneo Infomedia sections are:
InfoIndex | Events | Links | Monographs | Advisors  
Their contents can be summarised as follows:
InfoIndex An overview and guide to DiveBorneo's infomedia products and services.
Events Past, current and future events of significance to seaplant communities.
Links A guide to where links can be found throughout the DiveBorneo site.
Monographs  Monographs & bulletins available for download or purchase (in a variety of media).
Advisors Consultants and technical advisors available to seaplant communities.

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