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Products, Uses and Applications

Seaweeds and other types of seaplant have been utilised by the human race for millennia but new uses are evolving and being developed all the time. DiveBorneo will be developing this section of our handbook with development as a key focus.

Zemke-White and Ohno (1999) have summarized uses by genus. Click here to see table.

In general the main areas for use and application of seaweeds, seavegetable and seaplant products falls into nine segments as follows:

Nine segments of seaplant & seaplant product uses (top of each cell in colour)
& DiveBorneo communities with which they are most closely associated (below in each cell)
Plant food & fertilisers (FF)
Medicines (MD)
Seavegetables, Well-being
Animal feed & supplements (FA)
Agro-Indu, Alginates, Biopolymer, Carragar
Industrial applications (IA)
Agro-Indu, Alginates, Biopolymer, Carragar
Food & feed ingredients (FI)
Alginates, Biopolymer, Carragar, Seavegetables
Food processing aids (PA)
Agri-Ind, Alginates, Biopolymer, Carragar
Personal care products (PC)
Biopolymer, Seavegetables, Well-being

DiveBorneo will be continually building this section of the Seaplant Handbook. To begin with we have placed some material on the site under the "human food" or the "well being" subsections.

Click on the highlighted cells in the table above
to get hyper linked to some interesting information from Great Sea Vegetables.

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Products, Uses, Applications
AnimalFeed(FA)  HumanFood(FH)  FoodIngredients(FI)  Fertilisers(FF) IndustrialApps(IA)  Medicines(MD)  FoodProcessAids(FA)  PersonalCare(PC)  Wellbeing(WB)
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