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Currently there are 214 countries or territories in the world that have seacoast (click to list). Of these  46 have reports of commercial seaplant activity and these are included so far in the DiveBorneo GIS.

The current content of our GIS (geographic information system) opens with an image map/index to the ten ocean zones. You can navigate around this section using the table below. The 42 countries or territories that are reported as having commercial seaweed activity are highlighted in the ocean zone pages by a green background. Clicking on a country name takes you to a a page that summarizes seaplant statistics and information for that country and will soon hotlink you to a whole network of timely, commercially useful information. Click on the World Factbook links indicated next to each country map for detailed information.

Coming when funding permits... real-time situation reports from key production areas
One of the major goals of DiveBorneo is to set up a subscription service that provides real-time, decision critical. cost effective GIS information to the seaplant industry. This will include prices, crop conditions, factors effecting the business and all the other facts that decision makers need to plan their next business moves. Among the first industry sectors to be dealt with in this way will be supplies of 'Carragar" seaplants such as cottonii, spinosum and Gracilaria. Watch for developments.

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