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The common thread among DiveBorneo communities is that all have seaplants as an essential part of their focus. Many people may belong to more than one community. The interrelationship among communities is illustrated in the image map diagram below. 
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Image map for communities

DiveBorneo is a group of interrelated communities... each has a different focus. At one extreme we have communities with a completely financial interest. At the other extreme there are communities with a purely intellectual or aesthetic interest. The range of interests embraced by the seaplant community is explained here    >>>  
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We also have business links that help define DiveBorneo's relationships with the commercial world at large and the organisations that businesses deal with. Please use the community links panel (below and on all link pages) to go to the link pages you wish to visit.

As our name suggests, keeping our links current and useful is important to us. We put plenty of time into seeking and checking links but if you find a broken or misdirected one please let us know so we can fix it. Thanks from DiveBorneo.

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DiveBorneo is a commercial exchange among separate but related communities of interest
Although conventional exchanges involving money are essential to our survival we also utilise other media of exchange. This commercial philosophy is well described by Paul Lutus when he writes: “Economic principles lie behind many more human activities than most of us realize. We are almost constantly exchanging something for something else. Many economic transactions don't involve money. In traditional societies, and sometimes even [the American] one, people trade using favors, influence, even pure ideas, instead of money. Sometimes money is not the best way to convey value. And sometimes money is so completely inappropriate that it destroys the transaction..." 
From Paul Lutus in explaining Careware. For more click the spider and visit his site 

NOTICE: DiveBorneo has no control over the quality, safety or legal status of items included in the sites to which we provide links and also cannot verify the truth or accuracy of claims or the ability of Vendors to sell items or the ability of Purchasers to buy items. DiveBorneo also cannot guarantee that Purchasers or Vendors will actually consummate transactions.
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