The World's Ocean Zones

Seaplant industry activities in ten zones within the world's five oceans
For purposes of describing seaplant distribution DiveBorneo utilises the ocean zones designated below by long name and zone code.
Click on the zone names for data pertaining to the countries and seaplant harvests for each zone               
Click on the zone names on the image map above for data pertaining to the countries and seaplant harvests for each zone


Seaplant Industry Activities

The general distribution of seaplant industry activities is indicated by the coloured shading defined in the legend (left). 

Areas and Coast Lengths of the Five Oceans
Ocean Area
(M sq km)
Coastline (km)
Arctic 14,056 45,389
Atlantic 76,762 111,866
Indian 68,556 66,526
Pacific 155,557 135,663
Southern 20,237 17,968
Totals 335,168 377,412

Data from the World Factbook

Click here to see how seacoast lengths compare among the top thirty countries 

Coast lengths of the Ten Ocean Zones
Zone ID Name Coastline km
ZAO Arctic Ocean 126,347
ZBS Baltic Sea 11,939
ZIO Indian Ocean 75,873
ZME Mediterranean Sea 52,977
ZNA North Atlantic Ocean 216,320
ZNP North Pacific Ocean 216,832
ZSA South Atlantic Ocean 16,931
ZSC South China Sea 63,024
ZSO Southern Ocean 17,968
ZSP South Pacific Ocean 56,827

Data from the World Factbook

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