Because the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park has got shallow waters and little current, it is ideal for the snorkeler. 

The steep drop-off at Sipadan means that you can see both reef fish and oceanic fish while remaining close to shore.

Whether it be in TARP or in Sipadan the fun starts as soon as you get to the jetty where schools of fish abound.

PADI’s Discover Snorkeling…

fun for adults of all ages and young people of all ages. TARP Sipadan and other Sabah venues are ideal spots for snorkelers.

Contact us about visiting some of these great DiveGuide venues !

Between rounds of snorkeling, relax on the beach or stay under the shade of the trees that line the coast of these tropical islands. Do not forget to take some pictures of the white sandy beaches surrounded by an incredible blue green sea.

Just a few meters from the beach brings is an unbelievable under water world. Clownfish are fighting for their territory, Damselfish are taking a curious look at you, fusiliers and other colourful fish swim by and there are many more marine creatures to encounter while you are snorkel.

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