Tabin Images

River & Forest Scenes & Flowers

River Scene (upper left) - Tabin is a major watershed area that is interlaced with dozens of waterways. Plants and animal life abound along the rivers and walking along them enables the visitor to see a variety of life that changes daily. A dip in a rock pool such as this one can be a refreshing interlude to a day of trekking and observing.

Jungle Scenes (right & middle) - One of the great pleasures of visiting Tabin is the opportunity to spend time in the Virgin Jungle Core Area on the Raleigh Trail. The middle shows hikers heading toward the Virgin Jungle campsite (VJR). At right is a photo taken photos inside the VJR near a campsite.

Trees and jungle flowers (lower left quadrant) - It takes skill and luck to see many of the animals in jungle areas such as Tabin but the trees are all around, even if they are a challenge for the photographer. However hundreds of species of plants can be found there and many of them produce exotic flowers such as these vine flowers and forest blooms. Several orchid species are also present.