Tabin Images

Elephants, Rhinoceros & Buffalo

Elephants –A population estimated at more than 300 animals roam through the forests, swim in the rivers and visit the mud volcanoes of Tabin. They are always around but are sometimes difficult to find as they move among their favourite sites in the Reserve.

Rhinoceros - The Sumatran rhinoceros is native to Tabin. The one pictured at lower right was the subject of Tabin’s logo. These animals are very shy and live in primary jungle areas so they are rarely seen. Since this is a highly endangered species SOS Rhino runs a monitoring programme in Tabin.

The wild buffalo (a.k.a. banteng or tembadau; photo centre) is a large herding animal but is wary of people. Their sign is often seen but actual sightings are uncommon and close approaches are rare.